Etichetta Accidental Landscapes, 2021 - Biennolo


Igor Eškinja

Rijeka, 1975


Accidental Landscapes, 2021


Accidental Landscapes is an art installation on a train car, that will pass on the lines of the metropolitan city of Milan. The installation is made by the Croatian artist Igor Eškinja for
the second edition of BienNoLo, an exhibition of contemporary art, in collaboration with Trenord. Accidental Landscapes talks about the fragmentation of the gaze on the landscape and on the relationship between inside and outside. This is why the train carriage is completely transformed on the inside and it becomes something else, a journey where the shadows of monumental trees wrap the entire physical space as well as the passenger’s visual space. The yellow shadows, typical of sunrise and sunset, break through space, time and light. Everything flows fast, like images on a phone’s screen, that we can’t stop staring at during our journeys from one place to the other; everything moves and flows, except the statements that the artist chose to hide between the shadows, in order to live the moment, here and now, like when you look at images that are similar but never the same. The statements talk about perception, journeys, space…

The combination between the train car and the landscape on the outside creates a unique flow, where the passenger’s gaze is lost searching for letters scattered all over the carriage and searching for a real image.

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